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Introduction to WAV files

WAV files are generally uncompressed files and they are popularly considered as one of the purest sound formats. This gives its listeners a superior sound quality as compared to the more famous MP3 and WMA formats. They are also one of the most commonly used audio formats for Mac and personal computers. Luckily both Mac and PC users can burn the WAV files onto their audio CDs by using standard programs which come installed on your computer. These standard programs are Windows Media Player for the PC users and Apple iTunes for the MAC users. Personal computer users may also use the iTunes for burning audio CDs as it happens to be a cross platform program.

Burning WAVs on to audio CD in Windows Media Player

First download and install the latest version of Windows Media Player on your computer in case you donít already have this program on your pc. Add your WAV files to the Windows Media Player by clicking the "Organize" tab located near the top of your screen. Enter the "Music Library Locations" window and click on the "Add" button, here you browse to the folder that contains your WAV files. Now select the "Include Folder" option here and then click the "OK" button. Click the "Burn" tab near the top of the screen. Then click "Burn Options" button and choose "Audio CD". Put a blank CD inside your disk drive. Drag and drop the WAV files from WMP library to the List Pane. Now click the "Start Burn" button for burning the WAV files onto your audio CD. The blank CDs can hold audio of about 74 minutes.

Converting songs to WAV files

Getting all your music onto the digital form (WAV files) is advantageous because you can listen to it in many different ways. If you convert all your music into WAV format, you may listen to it via MP3 player or iPods and carry it wherever you want. They can also be manipulated using editing programs for high quality sound. Here are the instructions for doing it:

Copy all the music onto your computer in a folder. Decide which songs you want converted to the WAV format. WAV files are actually bigger than other files but they also keep the original sound. Get a program which will convert these files from one type to other. You can either buy one or get an open source one. Determine the conversion rate desired for your music. The better the conversion rate, the higher the sound quality will be. Select the WAV format from the dropdown menu of software and also the current format of the music such as MP3 or WMA. Check the files after conversion for sound quality and if they are not good quality, you can repeat the conversion process again. Despite the larger size of the file, the sound quality will be excellent.


On this website you can find resources to download your favorite music in the form of WAV files. So there is no need to get any software to convert the file format.
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