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MP3 files are easier to understand as the compressed versions of normal music data that has been shrunk by MPEG or the Moving Pictures Experts Group. In other words where normal digital music would take hours to download due to its considerably large size, MP3s having been compressed by a factor of 12 or 10 take a matter of seconds to download to your PC with today’s connections. Thereby, you are just changing the format, for easier and swifter download from the Internet.

Files that are compressed to MP3 audio files are transferred via the Internet to the computer from where they can be saved onto hard disk or transferred to a CD or other media player of your choice. Similarly, you could reverse the cycle by transferring files from your personal CD or your hard disk on the computer to the internet where they can be stored online to share with friends or for personal use.

When downloading MP3 files from the Internet choose your site carefully and make sure you read all the terms and conditions and help/FAQ sections carefully. Click on the file name displayed on the web page or right click for added options such as save to target or others. Create a folder on your computer and you transfer to your media players or CD on a later date at your convenience.

Most music lovers argue that compression of music data has compromised sound quality but you will be surprised not to notice any difference when you actually hear an MP3 audio file. This is because compressions are not so hard and severe nowadays and only make the files a little larger so can still be downloaded quickly.

MP3 files available freely on the Internet are not all compressed versions of recordings, some have been actually recorded live with the real singers and instruments. Also there are others that have been compiled with the help of MIDI files and virtual software instruments.

Windows Media Player which is free software that comes as a package with most versions of windows operating software is said to be the best medium for playing MP3 files. In the absence of which FreeAmp and WinAmp are two more of the many freely available software which are said to do an equally remarkable job on this front.
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