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Musical Instrument Digital Interface or MIDI files are basically musical files that synchronize electronic musical instruments, a computer and other electronic media to create high definition pleasing musical compositions.

Unlike sound effect files MIDI files contain just the sound of the musical instruments involved and the duration of notes, volume and other similarly essential characters to compile worthwhile music. Other reasons for their popularity with musicians include the fact that they can give full control over the song track and instruments as these music files are only partially recorded. Besides their ability to connect to harmonizers they can also bring out beautiful vocals in the background.

The internet is full of free MIDI file download sites that not only help professional musicians but also amateurs who wish to download these files for personal use as ring tones or to place on blogs and websites. Typically MIDI files are available to anyone but not everyone knows how to use them effectively or for that matter download them correctly.

Downloading is usually easy; however, it is best if you read the help or FAQs sections of relevant sites carefully to understand the procedures involved. Additionally you should always check for viruses by screening your download through a reliable anti virus source or your PC may get affected in the process.

Generally, WinAmp media player, Vanbasco Karaoke Player and Windows Media Player are said to be the best software to play MIDI files. Sometimes you end up with seriously awful sounding MIDI files once you have them on your desktop. The reason for this is either your software is not fully functional or you donít have a good quality MIDI sound card. While a MIDI sound card is expensive it is optional. However in the absence of the same certain MIDI software drivers like Roland Virtual Sound Canvas or Yamaha SXG Driver to name just two are able to make up for the lack of a decent sound card. Both are inexpensive and free trial versions can easily be found online.

At the same time a quick search through Google might bring up other similar options in a matter of seconds. Also use software like SynthFont to convert MIDI files into MP3 or WAV at no cost what so ever.

MIDI files are used successfully as ringtones for cellular or mobile phones as polyphonic ringtones by downloading via Bluetooth or a USB cable connected to your computer. Most are compatible with some of the high end mobile phones available today.

MIDI files allow you to customize them by changing volume, muting any one or more instruments or the tempo with a few easy steps.

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