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The Games subsection of Free Music website introduces you to the world of music. If you like games and you like music, this is the best place to be, because it combines the two in a mix of entertainment and fun. Whether you have always dreamed of getting into a band, or you simply want to jam or mix like a professional DJ, one of these games will fulfill your wishes. Here are the games you can play at Free Music, without spending a dime out off your pocket!

Dancing Ant
This game appeals to the younger crowd, with a quirky ant doing all the dancing for you. The actual gameplay consists of choosing a few parameters, such as backup dancers, the music, and the dance moves for the groovy ant. The combinations are plenty, as well as a lot of fun, where you can make the ant move according to the music, with the little help of popping mushrooms. Make sure that you do not play out of tune!

Roadies is a game for those that love action puzzles. Using various items placed at your disposal, you will have to guide the roadies towards the exit, so they can make it to the gig. These roadies seem to be in a lot of hurry, so you will not be given too much time to get them to the concert. Plan your moves right and make sure that you do not consume your chances in vain.

Scratch Simulator
If your dream is to be a successful DJ, making the crowds go mad in Ibiza or anywhere else, here is your training ground. The lights are on, the music raves, and you have plenty of disks to scratch and burn. Your tune depends on how good you are, so make sure to practice until you get the sound right.

Interactive Boogy2
Playing Interactive Boogy2 is like having your own doll to play with. The guy on the screen really knows how to handle commands, and, depending on the moves you decide for him by hitting the keyboard, he will do exactly as you say. Do not mind when he gets into the groove, after all, he is quite a skillful dancer, or not.

Rock Starter
This game allows you to put together your own band. What teenager does not wish to create a rock band? This is your chance to make it happen, even if you are no longer in your teen years. You will get to choose between some cool characters that will make your band rise to the top.

Having your own band, even if its members are just Flash designed characters, can be pretty cool. What is even cooler with Punk-O-Matic is that you can create your own songs and save them on designated slots. If you do not mind the entertainerís colorful language, you will find the atmosphere created by this Flash game to be pretty awesome!

Musical Lantern
If you like a challenge and you love how old movies mix together, the sounds with the intensity of the action happening on the screen, you will certainly like Musical Lantern. Following the rhythm of the music and armed with a glowing lantern, you will have to dodge all the obstacles and make your light grow stronger. Keep up the good pace!

Sonic Boom Town
This Flash game will take you through the maze of the city streets, with only one purpose in mind: you will have to take the neighborhood down! Speed and music, beautiful girls, and missions are the things that make this game one that you will want to play for hours, without getting bored. You can even upgrade your car and progress through tougher and tougher neighborhoods. Although this is just an online game, Sonic Boom Town is addictive and will have you glued to your chair for quite some time!
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