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Everyone likes freebies especially music, if it is easy to download and play on any of your personal players. The Internet has made owning songs a relatively simple thing to do and sometimes additional Software is needed to play some types of downloads while others are compatible with most existing operating software.

A good number of free download sites offer necessary help for easy and legal downloads. Yet there are others that are not so honest in their dealings and here is where you need to be wary to avoid piracy and a whole lot of viruses.

First of all make sure you read the FAQs and help sections to understand the fine print before you commit yourself to a particular site. Similarly remember that most MP3ís are charged for unless you link through an outside source. Therefore donít give out your credit card numbers in a hurry, shop before you make your decision.

Another issue that is highlighted time and again by most music sites is piracy. Piracy can actually break the career of a favorite artist. The good sites generally have clear indications about the originality of an artist or authenticity of their site. They also show clear affiliations to anti piracy links such as MusicDefender the number one internet watchdog for piracy, to name just one.

Often music lovers find downloading pretty cumbersome due to the strange messages and actions that pop up on the screen during download. Common errors like 403 and 404 are just saying you might have clicked the wrong button on your mouse for the first one and file not found for the second one. Skipping on the other hand takes place due to a number of reasons beginning with incorrect sound drivers or poor Internet connections.

Server down or not responding essentially translates to the fact that the server has reached a saturation point due to excess downloading or too many users at one time. Funny symbols that you cannot decipher generally occur due to software incompatibility. Extensions are given to music files to avoid them being deleted from servers.

Music lovers wanting to download good optimum quality music files are ideally advised to create user profiles. These are more like a base for most registered users to check their current downloads contributions to friends and other varied reasons. In addition users are also given user levels that basically tell their status and loyalty towards the particular site and also to contribute new songs or albums and write reviews etc.

To increase users and as a means of internet networking free music download sites allow registered users to add friends to share music and much more.
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