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Rap Monster
While there are many websites that are offering free MP3 downloads, they dont always have a very good selection of rap music to choose from. However if it is rap music you are in need of then what you need to do is to make your way over to this website which not only offers you free downloads, but also offers you a whole lot more absolutely free. Stop by Rap Monster right now and give them a try.
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Epitonic Free Mp3 Music
For high quality and of course totally free MP3s, you need to give Epitonic a try. This website has a large collection of completely free MP3s which you can easily browse through and download them in no time. So while others are paying for their music, you can be making use of this website and getting yours totally free and you cannot beat free. Give Epitonic a try today and you will be glad that you did.
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Download Free Music
Whether you are in the need of MP3s or even lyrics to the songs, this is the website to check out because it is filled with a large collection of completely free songs that you can download right now absolutely free. Not only is there already a large collection of free music for you to choose from, but they cannot stop adding more everyday so this is definitely one place you need to go and check out right now.
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Soundclick Free Mp3
For free MP3 music from both top name artists as well as unsigned artists, look no further because this website has them all. Best of all, they even allow you unlimited web space for you to share your favorite and of course legal MP3s. So if you have a band and want people to listen to your music, then you have got to make your way over to this website right now.
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Emusic Mp3 Music
When you sign up for an Emusic account, you get your first 50 songs absolutely free. No one ever says you have to keep the account after you download your free songs so why not take advantage of the opportunity. Give Emusic a try right now and see what they have to offer you along the lines of MP3 music files and start downloading your 50 free titles in no time.
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Mp3 Dot Com
Be a start in no time. You do not have to have a record contract to do so because at, not only can you share your bands music with the entire world, you can listen to other bands and do so absolutely free. So when you are in the mood for free music downloads, give this website a try and you may find that some of the unsigned artists can really write good music.
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Free Kids Music
Not everyone is in the need of MP3 music files for themselves featuring top name artists, sometimes we are in the need of music for our kids and if this is the case for you then this is the site you have been looking for. Find all of your favorite kids songs all in one place and download those songs totally free and of course legally too. Give this website a try today and expand your childs MP3 collection in no time.

Last 7 Days!
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Link Partners
Free Concerts & Sessions
With thousands of great concerts and recording sessions MP3 files for you to download totally free from many great and well known artists from around the world, this is the website to be at. Make your way over to this website right now and get all of the free music downloads that you are in need of. Best of all, since these are all concerts and of course the hard to come by recording session MP3s, it just makes stopping by and checking out this website right now even better.
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Free Music Mp3 Downloads
Who would have known that you could find a half of a million absolutely free MP3 songs to download all in one place Well you can and this website is the proof of that. So why dont you make your way over to this website right now and see what songs are available out there for you to choose from. Give this website an opportunity to impress you right now and browse through their selection of free MP3 downloads.
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From lyrics to tabs and of course even music, this website has it all for you when it comes to absolutely free music downloads and all that you need to do to get your hands on all of their free stuff is to make your way over to this website right now. Give MP3 Nut a chance to day and you will not be dissatisfied with their large collections. It is all free, so you do not really have anything to loose when you pay them a visit.
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Free Mp3 Download Search
This website offers you a useful and powerful little search engine which will help you find those free MP3 downloads you have been needing. Stop by and check out this website right now and start searching for that song you are needing. You may just be able to find a high quality version which is ready for you to download right now. Since this search engine is completely free, you might as well give it a try and see how well it actually works for you.
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Pak Heaven
Download Pakistani MP3 pop music absolutely free on Pak Heaven! An ideal site for Asian music fans looking to access pop music in Pakistan, you've come to the right place. Filled with some of the most popular Asia tunes by favorite Pakistani artists, users can browse through the extensive MP3 pop music library and select their favorite tunes, artists or albums. Enjoy the authentic and magical sounds of Eastern music only on Pak Heaven!
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Music Addict
If you are addicted to music, you've come to the right place. Music Addict features the best of free MP3 music, freely downloadable for the music fan and enthusiast worldwide. Simply type the artist or title of the song in the search box, and pick your favorite song, artist or album and download - absolutely free. There is no hassle of registration, only the excitement of downloading your favorite tunes only on Music Addict!
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Dave Munkhoff
Welcome to Dave Munkhoff, your ultimate classic hard rock guitar website which offers the very best of free MP3 downloads. Download the best in MP3 music to your heart's content! This is a great site for music fans that enjoy hard rock instrumental tunes. Indulge in the great classics by Dave Munkhoff, which also includes several Christmas classics and Christian rock guitar music.
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Weblagu features free MP3 downloads for music enthusiasts across the globe. Users can first listen to their favorite tunes on the Weblagu site before attempting to download the version. Else, the song can be downloaded instantly by typing it out in the search engine box.Users can also convert the MP3 songs into any format, which includes MP4, MPEG, FLV, M4V and SWF!
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Sideload contains the best of free MP3 music downloads to your locker and mobile using MP3 tunes browser plugins. Check out the extensive collection of MP3 featured tracks from the most happening rock artists in town, including Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Lil Wayne, Amy Winehouse and Evil Jake. Download your favorite MP3 rock tunes all day long, from Sideload your #1 best rock tunes downloader!
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Rock And Metal
Free music and free access only on Rock and Metal! The site features some of the best rock and metal music, freely downloadable for all! Simply search by the artist name and access your favorite tunes on Rock and Metal! Indulge in hours on end of free music, dedicated to music fans throughout the globe. The aim of the site is to ensure users, especially music lovers can access a great collection of free rock tunes.
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MP3 Free For All
Whether you are a music die-hard enthusiast, or just someone looking to download some cool music tracks, MP3 Free for All is right here! The site features the Top 50 Rock songs, oldies, country songs, pop songs, hip hop and alternative music. Simply perform a search on the site for your favorite artist, album or track and download - absolutely free! Downloading is efficient, fast and easy. Great music at your fingertips only on MP3 Free for All!
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Free Rock Load
Free Rock Load contains free downloadable MP3 music for everyone! Check out the rock genre listed in alphabetical order, and download your favorite song. The site features the top 10 rock albums, random rock albums and a range of other rock songs and videos. Enjoy the endless hours of plugging into your rock fiesta and rocking the night away. Free Rock Load is aimed at rock die-hard fans and enthusiast that live and breathe only rock music!
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Download Squad
Download Squad features some of the best and most popular MP3 downloadable websites for music fans! The site provides links to the Top 35 Places to Download Free Music! Browse through the list and pick your favorite site that features your favorite tunes, artists and albums! The free MP3 sites contains all music genres including Indie, pop, rock, punk and hip hop!
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Search MP3
Welcome to Search MP3, your #1 source to download free MP3 music. Featuring superstars in the likes of Nicki Minaj, Ben Howard, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne combined with some of the most popular tracks worldwide, Search MP3 allows music enthusiasts to search for their favorite tunes and artists, and download their choice absolutely free! Registration is not required on this site, simply click on 'Download' now!
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Bee MP3
Welcome to Bee MP3, a site which allows music fans from around the globe to search and download their favorite MP3 tunes! Bee MP3 is a music search engine which finds MP3 audio files for your listening pleasure.
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Fma Free Music Archive
The Free Music Archive is run by WFMU. A "freeform Radio station". There are many genres to choose from with links to artists own sites, giving you the choice to purchase further tracks or albums.
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Air MP3
Air MP3 offers free music downloads from the UK top 40 singles, MTV top 20, Billboard top 50 and Much Music Countdown. If you are a massive music fan, you've come to the right place with Air MP3. A popular music search engine, you can freely browse through the wide selection of MP3 music files and download - absolutely free!
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Free Mp3 Downloads At Mp3fusion
From MP3s to full albums, nothing beats completely free music and when you are in the need of free music, you might as well check out every website you can. Stop by this website right now where you can browse through their collection of free music. Get your free MP3 downloads in no time and enjoy your new songs. Expand your already large collection of music simply by stopping by this website today.
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Freeplay Music Free Mp3s
For free MP3 downloads of various Indie artists as well as sound effects, you need to check out and see what this website has to offer you. You would be amazed at some of the great music that unsigned music artists can create and you will never really know until you actually give them a try so why not start right now by stopping by and checking out this website.
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When it comes to programs for sharing music, the choices are great and wide and because there are so many great choices, how do you know which one is right for you Well thats simple, stop by and check out these websites above! they give you reviews and information on all of the popular free MP3 sharing programs out there so you can choose the right one for your needs with ease.
(Listed On Sun Nov 23 15:39:34 2008)
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