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Link Policies

How it works?
At present there are three forms of advertising on these pages!

We will advertise your site for free provided it follows our AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) for usefulness and is a relative site for this archive and all of our visitors; we want to include all the best sites on the Internet here, you do not have to link back to us on a free listing and your link can appear on any page under a relevant category subject to our users votes for your site, the more net citizens that vote for your site on it's content the higher up the listings you will appear, there is no reciprocal link exchange as such and users will be sent to your site via a script and we will send you traffic only.

Link Partner:
A link partners listing is exactly that! We have listed your site and you point back to us somewhere on yours, your listing will appear in bold anywhere within the category you have selected, we direct link back to your site on the basis of a reciprocal link exchange, you site must still follow our (Acceptable Use Policy) and will still be subject to user voting, and again if net citizens find your site useful they will vote for you which means your site can appear anywhere between the top and bottom of the Relevant Listings.

Page Sponsor:
You can sponsor any page on the site, in this respect you become the owner of that page for a prepayment period, there is a maximum of two sponsors per page, all sponsor listings always appear at the top of the page in a bold table, we directly link back to you and you do not need to link back to us on any reciprocal link exchange, a sponsor is not subject to the voting system and your advert will always appear at the top regardless.

Page Sponsorship New biding system
We are implementing a bid system for our sponsors to ensure you get the best value for your money, the minimum you can sponsor a page for is 50 cents a month, because of the small amounts involved the minimum prepayment period is 12 months, that equates to $6.00 dollars per year for sponsorship of any one page for advertising for a full year! (Set-up is free but should you wish to cancel at any time or someone outbids you then please note pro-rata refunds below)

Page Sponsorship Being outbid
The only rule here with page sponsorship is that others will be able to outbid you, for instance: if someone comes along with an offer of 60 cents per month and you are paying 50 cents then we will contact you giving you the opportunity to increase your bid and stay on that page and pay any difference, if you decide not to continue we will issue a pro-rata refund see below.

Pro-rata refund
If you have been outbid on a page we will issue a full refund less any months used up and our set-up fee, our set-up fee is $5.00 USD for instance:
In the scenario above if someone else outbids you and you have been advertising with us for one month the following will be your refund:

Cost 12 months @ 50 cents per month = $6.00 USD Paid
Less one months advertising on the sponsored page $0.50
Less our set-up fee of $5.00 USD
Total refund due of: $0.50 cents USD

Your total outlay for one months advertising is $5.50 USD obviously this is in the worst case scenario, we do not issue refunds on cancellations and the minimum payment period is one year because of the small amounts involved, the only situation we will issue a refund is if you have been outbid.

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